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Sky Diving

Let´s go flying – an unforgettable experience.
This has got to be the most amazing ‘selfie’ you will ever post, a thrill that defies belief and spectacular views of the Algarve coastline that only those crazy and brave enough to jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft could ever hope to experience.

No experience required. Qualified instructors guide you through an introduction course then take you on a 20 minute flight along the Algarve coastline with its spectacular panoramic views as far as Sagres.

During the tandem jump from 13.500 ft (over 4000m), you will see as far as the south western tip of Europe, the Cabo de Sao Vincente with views to the East deep into Spain.- Weight: not more than 90 kg for tandem skydiving and 100 kg for AFF courses

– Height: min. 1,40 m
– No medical certificate required
– Bring comfortable clothing and shoes with shoelaces

The training starts with the ground school, for 1-2 days. Your instructor will teach you all aspects of skydiving, where you’ll become familiar with the equipment, and all you need to know to skydive safely.

At the end of this initial phase of the course, there is a written test. After this you will feel confident and ready to jump. During your course you will learn some of the more advanced techniques such as horizontal and vertical movement.

Initially, your instructor will guide you by radio after the parachute is open, as you learn to pilot a canopy by yourself. At level seven, you will be able to jump alone (without the instructor by your side), confident and with a wide range of newly acquired skills.

After the course, our instructors will continue to guide you and accompany you on jumps

Mini course (Level 1 AFF course)

The AFF program is an internationally approved parachuting instruction course. This AFF-course is recognized and valid in all the European Union and worldwide.

The AFF instruction program is with either Portuguese or English instructors. The instruction program follows the guidelines of the “Parachuting Instruction Manual” of the German Parachuting Federation “DFV”, which leads to a German national parachuting license.

However, Portuguese and English students will be guided to the respective national licenses, so that jumping when you return home will be as easy as possible.

After an intensive training, the student will do a “free fall” skydive from up to 12.000 feet.

The course Includes:
• Theoretical basic training (1,5 days)
• Practical training
• Complete parachute equipment incl. helmet, jumpsuit, altimeter
• Briefings before each skydive.
• Intensive debriefings after each skydive
• Video assisted skydives
• Canopy instruction for the skydive jump
• Radio assistance during the whole skydive and landing
• Level 1 skydive from up to 12.000 feet
• Certificate showing that you have completed the training and your first jump
• Level 1 training will count towards full course

The mini course is 360,00 € and if you decide to carry on and do the full AFF course, this will be deducted from the total course price. The maximum weight is 100 kg.

For the full course with jumps from Level 1 to Level 8, you should plan to be on the dropzone for 6 days. The first one or two days will be mainly ground-school and ground-training in preparation for the first jump.

The AFF-instruction course consists of 7 jumps from Level 1 to 7 on the way to the first “freefall solo”, also named Level 8, from 12000 ft.

The course includes:
• Theoretical basic training (one to two days)
• Practical training
• 7 Level jumps ( Level 1 – Level 7)
• Level 8 (includes 1 solo jump)
• All skydiving equipment and jumpsuit for the 8 jumps
• Detailed briefing for each jump (theoretical and practical)
• Intensive debriefing for each jump
• Videos of the jump
• Canopy control instruction
• Radio assistance during canopy ride
• Packing instructions
• Log book
• Goggles
• Pull-Up cord for packing

If you were to fail one of the levels, the jump must be repeated. The prices for the repeat jumps are:

Repeated jump level 1 – 3 (2 instructors) 220,00 €
Repeated jump level 4 – 7 (1 instructor) 200,00 €

After passing Level 8 you are able to jump without your instructor, so you just pay for your own jump ticket and the use of the equipment.

The equipment (rig, jumpsuit, helmet, altimeter) costs 15,00€/jump. This price includes the pack job.

Before making the first jump when starting this instruction program a medical certificate from your doctor is needed and must be presented by all students, documenting your physical fitness.


Our SkyDiving Centre is based in Alvor, a 20 minute drive from Lagos and Luz.


365 days a year!

For the experienced Skydivers – there is diving 365 days a year with special events for wing suit divers, formation and group diving, high altitude and advanced training.


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